If Socialism Wins....We ALL Lose!

Please share these scripts with everyone you know and ask them to help. (This is a far more effective and peaceful solution than a march on Washington, rioting, or a civil war. This is the strategy used to impeach Bill Clinton and now to stop the impeachment of President Trump.) These scripts are intended as guidelines, to help you get your point across.

This strategy plays on the only thing senators and representatives are afraid of...losing their jobs! They know that every person who hates them will work 10 times harder to defeat them than any supporter they could possibly have.

You can find the phone numbers for your representatives at in the upper right corner under MEMBERS.

Contact your Senators and ALL Representatives nearby in your state (not just the one in your district) and read the appropriate script.

You do not need to identify yourself. These are national issues, so you do NOT need to reside in their district and can call any representatives you wish ANYWHERE.

Please call both of their offices: at the Capitol and, especially, their home offices.

The Capitol Switchboard can be used for calls until they are overwhelmed and shut it down, forcing you to use the direct phone lines to their offices. The Capitol Switchboard number is 202-224-3121.


Anti-Impeachment Script 1

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