Never Socialism
Campaign to save America

If Socialism Wins....We ALL Lose!

America is on the brink of losing our Democratic Republic
and all of the freedoms we take for granted.

We attempt to provide effective peaceful solutions to save our country.
If enough people use these tools, we may still be able to retain our freedoms.
If not, America will probably find itself in a bloody civil war against Socialism.

It's time to stand up and fight...BEFORE we lose everything!

We are far closer to that now than most people believe.

So join us in the fight to save our country.



Socialism may sound great...until you run out of other people's money.
In reality, the rich keep all the money, and the poor starve to death, while losing all the freedoms we currently enjoy in the USA.

History has proven this many times over. It's why most people try to flee socialist & communist countries.

For a current example, we only need to look at what is happening in Venezuela.

After people ate all the local wildlife and their pets, they even ate the zoo animals!

Many people who claim to be socialists, have no idea what that even entails.
They've been taught that everything will just be provided to them for free by the government.
However, that is a LIE!

Under socialism, you can't afford to buy much food and the government won't buy it for you either.
It is an unsustainable dream!

Once everyone has been stripped of their assets, and the government now owns all of those, it is only shared among those in control...while the population starves. Those who don't comply with the rules to get even a little food, are dealt with very harshly.

We are now faced with the first complete generation who have no fear of socialism. They've been taught that they'll be given everything for free by the government...and don't realize that isn't true.

Socialists always promise that everything will be free, but they NEVER deliver.

For example, the Progressive Democrats and many RINOs (Republicans in name only) are now showing their true Socialist colors in some ways.

They plan to offer REPARATIONS for the black community, FREE COLLEGE for the Millenials, and some sort of DACA concessions for the Hispanic community and illegal alien voters.

However, they know they'll never do ANY of those things! It's purely to get votes.

They know all those things are unaffordable, and will never be paid for!

They also know that they can even pass bills into law...and it will still NEVER be done.

It will just be added to the Unfunded Liabilites account by the Appropriations Committee... which is where all those bills that can't be paid for go to die.

They'll be able to say "See...We tried!" knowing full well they will NEVER deliver.

NO matter what policies they promise, NONE will ever be enacted.

So don't fall for their lies!

Most of those who support Socialism aren't even aware that the NAME of the NAZI party itself describes themselves, and NOT those they oppose.

In German, NAZI was short for NationalSozialist.

The National Socialist German Workers' Party or NAZI Party....were SOCIALISTS!

You only need to research the growth of the NAZI party in Germany from 1933 to 1941 prior to WW2, to see that the Socialist Progressive Democrats of today are following exactly the same path now.

It's why they try to avoid being labelled as Socialists, so nobody catches on.

We must all attempt to spread the word that Socialism is something to be feared, as we are VERY close to losing our country and our freedoms. Once gone, we won't get them back. We are seeing this progress on a daily basis now, with many laws being passed that would have been unheard of not long ago.


National SOCIALIST German Worker's Party.

A fascist political party led by Hitler that rose to power in Germany prior to WW2.

Today's Socialists & Progressive Democrats promises are similar.
They are the real NAZI party of today.

Unfortunately most of their followers are told the opposite is true.

They need to be encouraged to research history, so they can no longer be fooled.

NONE of the Democrat promises will be kept!
Appropriations will never allow ANY of them to be funded!

So beware of their lies & false promises, just to gain power!

Election fraud is also rampant and must be dealt with before the 2020 election, or it will be our last election.

So we must stand up and fight back now, before it's too late.

Please help spread the word and support us in this battle for our freedoms.

We need to educate the public, and call our representatives constantly to let them know we will ensure they never get elected again if they support socialism, or try to pass ANY unconstitutional laws.

The ONLY thing they care about are their jobs!

You can find their contact numbers at
under Members in upper right corner.

Or the Capitol Switchboard number is 202-224-3121

You should call both their home and DC offices.

You can refer to the SCRIPTS page for ideas.

For those who think it can't happen here, be warned that it can happen overnight. You only need to look at historical facts to see how close we are to losing everything.

Another subject most people aren't aware of yet is how badly the mainstream media is lying to us...about almost everything regarding these and many other issues. The safest thing to assume is that whatever they are saying...the exact opposite is true. There very few telling the truth on TV or in Washington.

Their most common approach is to blame the other guy for what they are doing themselves.

So do your own research, while you still can, before all truthful news is also censored online.

You should use other search engines such as instead of Google to find uncensored content.

We are united under the flag of NEVER SOCIALISM in this final battle for our country!

We think this is an accurate statement to get you thinking about how we can defend ourselves from a corrupt government.

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